JPX Pepper Pistol - 10% OC - Self-Defence No License Required (Includes FREE Holster)

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The JPX2 has already proven itself with police and security personnel worldwide and is also becoming increasing popular as a means to protect personal property. And for good reason: It is not a half-hearted backup for an emergency, but a dependable and effective security measure - no matter what the hour. Its precision and range can furthermore be complemented with an optional integrated aiming device with laser function and other high-quality accessories.

    This combination does not exist.

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    The 2-shot disposable magazine is extremely easy to replace, which means it can be changed in a matter of seconds.


    The ergonomic handle ensures that the JPX2 can be securely held and safely handled.


    Instant: the JPX does not have to be shaken before use, does not lose pressure, can shoot very far and is highly reliable in hitting its target.



    Compact, lightweight and easy to keep within reach. The JPX2 is easy to store - including outside your home.

    Pyrotechnic delivery system

    The JPX uses a highly effective and patented pyrotechnic delivery system instead of a canister for permanent pressure storage.

    Stopping power

    The force with which the JPX delivers the irritant Piexol 400kS increases its stopping power even more.